Are wirless keyboards and mice always troublesome?

  polo 23:02 21 Sep 2005

We've got 2 computers and both have wireless keyboards and mice. One pair is a Chicony the other a Belkin, they are both very troublesome. They keep having periods when the keyboards get ever so slow and as you type you suddenly realise that only about a quarter of the diggits typed are coming up on the screen. The at other times the mice won't behave themselves and start only responding very slowly to only some of the clicks. I don't seem to have heard any complaints from anyone about wireless gear. It's just occurred to me that as I'm on wireless broadband could that in some way be interferring? Anyone got a response.

  DieSse 23:08 21 Sep 2005

I often find such issues are down to where the wireless pickup is placed. Try it (them) in different spots.

  DieSse 23:10 21 Sep 2005

PS - metal desks are also a major problem, or any large metal parts close to the reception path.

  Stuartli 23:11 21 Sep 2005

It could also be the fact that the batteries need replacing or you have not set the wireless frequencies/configuration correctly.

  Strawballs 05:44 22 Sep 2005

No that is not the case! My daughter has a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse which has performed well only once did the keyboard start missing letters which a change of batteries sorted.

  Pooke 06:03 22 Sep 2005

which I think was to with my own setup. All my PC stuff is in one small desk and I think there was just too much interference from other bits. I switched back to wired again.

Now I'm buying a new computer I find the biggest choice in purchases is in wireless desktops, grrr.


  keith-236785 08:37 22 Sep 2005

no problems with the keyboard but the mouse is a little slow to respond, ok once it starts but it seems to have to wake up before it moves (if that makes sense)

i love my genius wireless keyboard, but im back to a wired optical intellimouse.

there are two settings on my keyboard/mouse for different wavelengths, try swapping them over and see if it helps (if you also have the option).

  Andsome 08:40 22 Sep 2005

No problems whatsoever with a TRUST setup.

  wint 10:07 22 Sep 2005

I've been using a Microsoft wireless keyboard & mouse for almost a year.

The mouse battery went after about 6 months, keyboard battery is still OK.

Just like using a wired system - but with freedom.

My wife & daughter are left handed, the wired mouse was always an irritation!

Will certainly buy this type again.

  Stuartli 10:16 22 Sep 2005

Trust keyboard and mouse kits are usually rebadged A4Tech products - same for Typhoon, Chic, Silvercrest and some other well known brands.

A4Tech is a highly respected Far East based manufacturer whose products are of first class quality. See:

click here

and see if you can spot your set...:-)

My last four examples of keyboards and/or mouse purchases in recent years have all proved to be rebadged A4Tech products.

  NinkyRudes 11:02 22 Sep 2005

I use a Logitech cordless desktop LX700 (I don't actually have a desk) and a belkin fd7633 wireless modem/router & suffer no problems.

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