Are we neglecting a valuable tool?

  powerless 22:30 25 Sep 2003

However it only applies to "you both must be running an operating system no earlier than Microsoft Windows XP or the Windows Server 2003 family) in order to walk through a solution together.

click here Remote assistance of course.

To help with a problem, you know? When all else fails you know?

Of course there is the element of TRUST!

But remember it is their if its needed.

  powerless 22:54 25 Sep 2003

Are you talking about MS to PCA forum member their?

...or that it just does not work, like it should do?

OR...Powerless helps vog with Excel code using RA? hehe

  powerless 23:22 25 Sep 2003

ahh, nevrmind! going to read a dictionary.

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