Are we being watched?

  Pesala 19:42 27 Mar 2004

The FBI has apparently found a new way of tracking internet activity click here

  Diodorus Siculus 19:47 27 Mar 2004


  bvw in bristol 19:54 27 Mar 2004

lol :)

  llbgeezer 19:56 27 Mar 2004

however, define 'common man' and which planet will they colonise to house the legions of peeps (pun intended) who are gonna watch us surf... and how bored will they get?? lol

  Graham ® 19:59 27 Mar 2004


  lucky1 20:27 27 Mar 2004

They'll fall asleep watching me !! Especially when I was looking for the Euro sign!!

  woodchip 20:45 27 Mar 2004

Yes by FE

  spuds 21:28 27 Mar 2004

Use a credit card (;o)

  wee eddie 21:51 27 Mar 2004

must be expected to watch.

I doubt that they will bother.

However if they were to notice an attempt at encryption! Now that would attract attention!

Is it not a sign of an over inflated ego to consider that anyone other than ones friends could be remotely interested in ones daily ablutions?

  swapper 22:06 27 Mar 2004

I like that Pasala, brightens the day :-)

  Patr100 23:56 27 Mar 2004

Quick! Install Spyware-Guard-Anti-hijack-Blaster-Search & Destroy-Gonad-Aware-Cookie Monster Annihilator to make it go away!

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