Are the USB ports on my laptop USB 1.1 or USB 2.0

  Driftlane 21:33 08 Jan 2009

Can anyone tell me how I can determine whether the USB ports on my laptop, now several years old, are USB 1.1 or USB 2.0? A search on the Helproom produced no hits which answered this.
Laptop runs Windows XP.

  MAJ 21:42 08 Jan 2009

Go to Device Manager and look under USB Controllers, if one or more of them says "Enhanced" then you have USB2, if not then you have USB1.1

  recap 21:44 08 Jan 2009

Open Device Manager and navigate down to USB Controller, expand the controller and right click any listed select Properties and it will inform you which you have.

Right Click My Computer and select Manage then Device Manager to see the USB Controllers

  Stuartli 00:10 09 Jan 2009

If your laptop has SP1 and SP2 then you will have the USB2.0 drivers.

Also see:

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  Driftlane 21:03 15 Jan 2009

Of all the controllers only one has 'Enhanced' but I take it that this is enough to indicate that I have USB 2.0.

I found MAJ's response the most helpful as this told me exactly what to look for in the Properties but thanks to you all for responding.

I have ticked the 'resolved' box but if anyone has anyting to add, please do so. I shall keep my eye on the thread.

Best wishes


  Switcher 22:38 15 Jan 2009

Insert a USB 2.0 device. If you do not have usb 2.0 a box will appear telling you that your device can run faster if connected to a usb 2.0 socket

  Stuartli 00:21 16 Jan 2009

If you have the minimum of SP1 with XP then you will have USB2.0 drivers.

However, you may still have to install USB2.0 drivers if you install a device that differs from the USB standard and requires installation of the manufacturer's drivers.


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