Are USB file transfer speeds ,processer dependant?

  myfoot 13:43 26 Feb 2008

I'm the owner of a very humble PC, Celeron 1700 (can I post here at all?) and have a new phone. Cost more than my PC in relative terms.

Anyway this phone has a USB2 connection, I think most phones, up to now have not been USB2.

"USB 2 has a theoretical data transfer rate of 480Mbps" --- but stuff, music, photos or whatever do take their time to transfer from PC to phone.

So I'm thinking that my clunky processor is restricting the speed, am I right?

I'm speaking of transfers direct, in Windows Explorer from HDD to Phone SD card, as mass storage device.

  Totally-braindead 13:47 26 Feb 2008

I'm not sure if this would be the case. Obviously the slower processor would make a difference but your PC is not that slow.

Are you sure its USB 2.0 you have and not USB 1.1?

  Totally-braindead 13:49 26 Feb 2008

What I meant to say is a USB 2.0 card only needs something like a 400mhz processor to run and you are well above that so that is not as far as I am concerned the problem.

  keef66 15:52 26 Feb 2008

you sure your pc has usb 2.0?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:52 26 Feb 2008

Processor speed has nothing to do with USB speed.

USB speed is determined by the motherboard, your board my only support USB1.1.

You can fit a USB2 card for approx £8.

  myfoot 15:02 11 Mar 2008

Just came across this, which shows phone even though USB2 transferring at 12MGB/Sec.

click here

  paul€ 15:16 11 Mar 2008

As you have found out, the usb 480Mbps is the burst speed in relationship to the cache. So it's alright for a few Mb and then will drop down to around 11Mbps.


The speed will drop down to 1Mbps or less after the cache is empty.

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ has mentioned the cpu has nothing to do with it, especially if DMA is enabled. this by-passes the cpu all together. If the device you are transfering to can support speeds over 15Mbps then your USB2.0 device should work a full speed.

e.g. a normal internal hard drive will run at 30Mbps +

  myfoot 15:24 11 Mar 2008

So, never thought about the speed of "internal hard drive" Speed.

So this HDD has max data delivery of 30Mbps?

Aren't these "HEADLINE" speeds of 480Mbps then very misleading? - HDD has max data delivery of 30Mbps?

Where is this 480Mbps going to come from?
My PC has "Intel PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller" which I believe means USB 2.

  paul€ 15:51 11 Mar 2008

An internal hard drive with a 5400 rotational speed and 2Mb cache would be around the 30Mb transfer rate. A 7200 internal hard drive with a 8Mb cache should be around 45Mb transfer speed. A SATA 150 drive with 8MB cache should be around 55Mb and a SATA 300 with 16Mb cache should be around 80MB.

This guide will give you a rough here

  myfoot 15:59 11 Mar 2008

@paul€: Thanks for all that info. Never really botherd to think about it. Wouldn't be learning all this if the weather wasn't so wild, it's keeping me indoors.

  keef66 10:46 12 Mar 2008

yes, the usb enhanced controller means you have usb 2.0

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