Are Tinys really as good as they look on paper?

  thelambwillcome 16:33 28 Sep 2004

I am looking to buy a new PC and the best ones ive found are tinys. They seem to have the most for their prices. is there some kind of catch or somthing? they dont seem to be winning as many awards as say carara and they seem better. can someone help? thanks

  terryr48 16:35 28 Sep 2004

just type tiny into the search box for several forum users experiences of tiny

  matt1234 16:45 28 Sep 2004

their not winning that many awards because the build quality is very bad. My friends dad decided to replace his sons pc with them and one cd draw broke off and one power button stopped working! (yes both were looked after verywell)

  jack 16:50 28 Sep 2004

If Tiny or any other seller is offering something cheap, it becasue it is - Cheap
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch!

  anchor 17:13 28 Sep 2004

The price of a PC is a combination of the price of the individual components, quality of their assembly, plus the add-on for their support service.

A read through any computer mag will show slight variations for, (what seems to be), similar machines. When this variation becomes too significant I become suspicious. The "pile them high, sell them cheap" philosophy really is out of place when it comes to PC`s.

This seems to be the Tiny approach, which cuts no ice with me. It appears they cut corners at every stage. Of course, they must have satisfied customers, and it would be interesting to hear if there are any on this forum.

  Cuddles 17:41 28 Sep 2004

If you want a pc that will last avoid Tiny.

  Djohn 17:51 28 Sep 2004

Have you got a link [Or web address] to the particular model your interested in please? Forum members can then check it out to see how good the offer is.

Much will depend on how familiar you are with computers both in hardware and software. What can be a severe problem to one person if things go wrong may be quite simple to fix for another.

Please supply details if you can and I'm sure forum members will offer advice on the intended purchase. j.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:53 28 Sep 2004

I have never seen a component list for machines so I cannot comment on the above claims re. the quality of the machines.

They keep their costs down in a number of ways:

- charge extra for restore disks

- expensive delivery when compared to others

- no on-site repairs

  Legolas 17:55 28 Sep 2004

I cannot comment on the latest tiny computer systems but one of my first computers was a Tiny computer and it is still going strong and now is being used by my sister although it is now about 5 years old. Neither my sister or I have had any problem with it in fact it is still a good machine although obviously a bit lacking in power now.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:04 28 Sep 2004

'expensive delivery when compared to others'....How can £39.99 be expensive when compared to others which appear to be the same price?


  Noelg23 18:33 28 Sep 2004

when I order parts to build a PC the delivery charge is only a mere £4-£5+ so compared to Tiny its cheap...

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