are these programs ok together?

  march 12:34 13 Feb 2009

Had a look on Google but get conflicting results so I'm back with the experts, could someone advise please?
Are these programs ok to run together with Vista & IE7?

Avg 8
Vista firewall


  Technotiger 13:17 13 Feb 2009

Simple answer - Yes!

Or in a nutshell - Only one anti-virus, only one Software Firewall but additional Hardware Firewall, (as found in many Routers) is fine.

As many anti-malware/spyware type programs as you like, though usually just two or possibly three is enough.

  march 13:24 13 Feb 2009

Great thanks for that Technotiger didnt want to find any conflicts afterwards.

plus I meant to ask also to allow updates on the above do I have to allow an exception in firewall?
sorry if thats a dumb question but I honestly dont know

  Technotiger 13:28 13 Feb 2009

Exceptions in Firewall, not necessarily. Most these days are firewall friendly, for want of a better expression.

  birdface 13:34 13 Feb 2009

Not sure if this is the same program as Spywareguard or just the same name.I don't think I would want it on my computer.

  birdface 13:34 13 Feb 2009
  birdface 13:36 13 Feb 2009

Might get it right this here

  march 14:04 13 Feb 2009

thanks yet again Technotiger

this is the spywareguard buteman
click here

thanks for the warning


  birdface 15:48 13 Feb 2009

If you look on the right hand side of that click here it says not tested on Vista.

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