Are these parts o.k. before I buy?

  mosfet 23:45 16 Aug 2003

A lot of money so what do you think? for a build.
P4 2.8ghz C Model.
mobo..Gigabyte GA-8PENXP 800mhz.
RAM..DDR P400 2x256mb sticks (for diagnosis in the future):o)
Vidio maybe Asus AGP FX5200 128mb?
The other bits are not much of a problem.
Your input would be reasuring.....or not.
Thanks Les.

  The Sack 23:53 16 Aug 2003

The graphics card is a real bottle neck in that lot mate, go for a FX5600 or a Radeon 9600 or you can even get for around 200 quid a Radeon 9800 (not pro but still blindingly fast)

  Nick0 09:08 17 Aug 2003

The radeon card pro is available for around 160.00 from me, with a full 12 month waeeanty.

  DieSse 10:49 17 Aug 2003

You are right to buy two RAM modules, but not for diagnosis, for use with the Dual Access RAM facility on these motherboards, which makes the RAM MUCH faster.

Check the motherboard specs for the fastest Dual Access RAM it will support - look for top quality RAM, and preferably matched pairs, which will give more reliable results.

Make sure the P4 is the new type with 800fsb specs as you say, the C type.

I agree an FX5600 would be more appropriate.

  mosfet 21:36 18 Aug 2003

Thanks for the info.I am busy now looking around.This I think is the tricky bit.
Regards Les.

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