Are these drives completely dead?

  Chegs ® 15:14 26 Jul 2004

I have 2x120Gb SATA hdd's(Maxtor 6Y120MO)Last tuesday evening,one of the drives started emitting a loud clicking noise and stopped windows from loading.It refuses to allow any software to access the drive.This afternoon,I was busy copying a video file to the other drive using Windows Movie Maker,when my PC crashed.I hit the reset button and to my horror,the second drive started the same loud clicking and the OS(XP Pro) wouldn't load until I disconnected the drive.I tried a HDD tester and the drive is taking over 100ms to access,and then the tester crashes.Is there anywhere I can d/l the firmware for these drives? I have emailed Maxtors tech support(again)but they still haven't answered my email from last tueday night.

Mobo=Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra.

1.5Gb's DDR RAM

XP Pro

  jonnytub 15:20 26 Jul 2004

are these drives in some sort of raid array?

  Chegs ® 15:25 26 Jul 2004

Not now,I had them cfg as striped RAID,then recently set them up as a mirrored RAID(until the 1st drive expired)Then I had 1x15Gb IDE(partition into 2 equal sized partitions)carrying the OS,with the other SATA set as "base" in BIOS.Now I'm down to just the IDE as the SATA refuses to work at all(other than clicking loudly)

  jonnytub 15:36 26 Jul 2004

loud clicking would seem to indicate the drives are knackered, the reason i asked if they were in a raid array is that quite often if one drive goes the other also does. I may be wrong but at least this post will put you to the top of the forum where another member may be able to offer more help

  Chegs ® 15:41 26 Jul 2004

Both SATA's are only approx 9mths old too.I was advised by my local PC supplier to wait for a later revision of SATA,but I didn't.Looks like I'm £200+ out of pocket,unless a firmware flash sorts them but I haven't been able to locate any Maxtor firmware on the www.

  jonnytub 15:44 26 Jul 2004

Don't know if your 12 month standard warranty covers you here, maybe be worth a post in the consumerwatch forum?

  flyingpeterpan 16:04 26 Jul 2004

I thought you have got the root of your problem, I think you'll be very lucky if Maxtor will ever reply, at least they didn't to me, if I were you ,I would contact their warranty dept. and asking for a replacement (recon.normally)if they are only 9 months old, P.S. you don't need a receipt either but you'll need special package for them.

  jonnytub 16:06 26 Jul 2004

sounds like good advice to me, save you shelling out £200

  Chegs ® 16:46 26 Jul 2004

Well,I haven't been idle.I have just d/l the latest PowerMax software(I have older versions,but they crash with GPF errors)and on running it,the drive that died last week isn't even being detected now(it was before tho')and the latest drive to die has produced an diagnostic error code(de67a969)and suggested I report this to Maxtor.I will,if I can relocate the "complaints" form I completed just before I posted this thread. :-)

  bremner 17:21 26 Jul 2004

Maxtors normally have three year warranties on dives of 120GB and larger.

click here for their warranty status page.

  bremner 17:25 26 Jul 2004

From their site

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus ATA drives that have an 8MB cache buffer AND capacities of 120GB or greater will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 3 years. All other DiamondMax Plus drives will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 1 year.

The 6Y120MO is 8MB so 3 years

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