Are there many Linux users here?

  Kitz E Kat 08:50 01 Aug 2003

HI, i am a newbie to Linux i have RH9, running on my laptop, and thus far aint got no problems.
Just wondering are there many Linux users on this site?
Can you suggest a good place to find info on how to do things, like i tried to load up a screensaver, got to ./configure and that's as far as i can get.
Tried to save a file in KDE and gave up, had to switch back to Gnome!!!

Also do i need anti virus protection?

I assume that there are nasty things out there that will happily atteck my nice new install of Linux.

Guess that will do for the minuite!!!!!
Kitz E Kat
100% M$ FREE Kat!!

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:17 01 Aug 2003

click here

click here

sorry cant be of more help.

i`ve tried linux but not for long enough to learn anything useful


  hugh-265156 09:50 01 Aug 2003
  Pablothehat 09:51 01 Aug 2003

I'm just starting to learn on a cd based version! All help appreciated!

  Kitz E Kat 18:32 01 Aug 2003

Thanks Technodimwit(if that's your real name!!!),
and huggyg71, more info than i can throw a mouse at!!!!
One question left , do i need virus protection ?
Was also kinda hoping there were more than two linux users,,


  Gaz 25 18:44 01 Aug 2003


I love linux, My servers have been far more reliable than when running the Windows Server 2000, which microsoft were forcing me to upgrade.

Linux once you get used to it is as easy as Windows (well even easier as it doesnt crash oir have as many probs).

One thing is Hardware and software is difficult. Shame.

Microsoft Word for me is bad, I love Open office.

Your antivirus is not as important as with windows but still I would suggest it.

A firewall is a must too: click here

For antivirus: click here

For Firewall: click here

  Gaz 25 18:48 01 Aug 2003

Many would say this Anti virus is the best free one: click here

  Gaz 25 18:49 01 Aug 2003

Or this one:click here

  Kitz E Kat 18:52 01 Aug 2003

Hi Gaz thanks, you don't think that the firewall on RH9 is up to it? Do you ?
And if i get another firewall should i disable the RH one, eh HOW?
I ask cos i tried to disable the firewall on RH9, without any joy,i wanted to set up RH 9 as a webserver,with 2000 as a client, and with no internet access, this is in the interest of science!!!! However i could not disable the firewall, i even did a reinstall set the firewall off in the install, but when it finished the firewall was set to high.
I gave up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its a good OS and will stick with it.
Kitz E

  Gaz 25 18:56 01 Aug 2003

Yes, you stick with it.

I have lots of windows PC's all running XP but have lots of problems too.

Linux on three of my systems plus my server.

I must say if you want to run a webserver the RH one will do.

  Chegs ® 19:08 01 Aug 2003

I tried Linux(Suse/RH/Mandrake/Lycoris distros)and can see its potential,but the learning curve was way to steep for me,I reverted back to Wimpdoze,where I at least can understand(more often)the errors.My grey cells were dieing far to fast to continue trying to learn Wimpdoze and Linux. :-)

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