Are there internal fuses in a P.C.

  pedromac 08:14 14 Mar 2003

Hi All,
I have tried search but no luck.
I have just tried to switch on my desktop P.C. and it is totally dead. Nothing at all happens ie. no fans, no lights. The machine is getting power as the monitor is powered by the P.C.and this is getting power. I have done absolutely nothing to it ie. no upgrades and it was fine last night when I switched it off. As the title says, are there any internal fuses in a P.C.

  User-312386 08:27 14 Mar 2003

are there any beeps from the computer

it could be the switch on the pc thats faulty

  pedromac 08:31 14 Mar 2003

No beeps, nothing. The switch is the type that to switch off you have to hold in for 3 or 4 seconds. Is this a simple 2 wire switch?

OK, when you say that the monitor is powered by the PC I take it you mean that the power lead to the monitor comes from the back of the PC tower?

If so, I am certain that the power supply unit has failed - the reason? Its OLD! Power supply units that feed the monitor do not now satisfy the European regulations, the reason being that each device needs its own fused supply, drawing the power from the PC in this way could result in a fault in the monitor not blowing a fuse as the power would be being fed by the PC and that would not realise there was a problem

With no fans, beeps or anything else, I suggest you get a new power supply, relatively cheaps ones can be had for less than £20. If you are considering building your own PC in future or upgrading get one in the renage of 300 - 350 Watts.

BTW - no no fuses inside a pc that would cause your problem.

  pedromac 15:51 14 Mar 2003

Thanks for the replies. I will take it to bits and go and get another power supply early next week.

  davidg_richmond 18:36 14 Mar 2003

i would say 90% definate power supply fault, had plenty of em, fixed other peoples too. 5% could be a motherboard fault and the other 5% the switch. ive had times when ive needed to rapidly tap the power switch about 50 times before the pc would power up, then all fine when i replaced the psu.

  alben 20:49 14 Mar 2003

there is a fuse in the psu, they are usually soldered to the circuit board but not always.

  woodchip 21:07 14 Mar 2003

It's not necessarily the PSU. the monitor power comes of the 230volts side of the PSU not the other side where the power is reduced inside the PSU you should find a Fuse but the only other place that I now of where there is a fuse none replaceable is in the usb line on a motherboard so that it will blow if the wires are connected the wrong way round, if that's blown you can only then have a USB PCI card to operate usb which should not be your problem

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