Are there any tools out there..........

  Red Devil 14:34 14 Jul 2006

.........hat I can use to analyse what's accessing my hard drive and when?

I'm having a long-standing prroblem where any form of activity on my part results in my PC thrashing the living daylights out of my hard drive for anything up to 4 hours without a break. This can be anything from trying to start a program up to simply moving my mouse. They all result in extended hard drive thrashing.

I'm fed up of trying to "guess" what and where the problem is based on experience and no small measure of intuition.

So are there any tools out there that I can use to analyse/record/check what's accessing my hard drive in real time?


  €dstowe 14:40 14 Jul 2006

Press Ctrl, Alt,Del simultaneously to bring up the Task Manager. Click on Processes to see all processes running on your machine and what is working hard or not.

Ignore System Idle Process being high - it's the idle (nothing doing) figure.

  originalmiscellany 14:42 14 Jul 2006

would be to defrag your computer - diskeeper lite does it for free and better than the MS version, and then check for adaware and other things like that...

Spybot s and d
Spyware blaster

should all be instaleld and try again.


  €dstowe 14:42 14 Jul 2006

Do you have Go-Back installed? That's notorious for making hard drives thrash about.

  sean-278262 14:47 14 Jul 2006

Run an AV scan and spyware scan just to be sure.

However have you tried using ctrl alt delete and checking the processes tab and seeing what is using the processor. It will have to be something there as anything the drive is looking for must be instructed by the processor. Free and easy alternative worth trying before adding more stuff that you may not need to the drive.


  Red Devil 15:00 14 Jul 2006

well the only process running that's using more than 5% of the CPU's resources is SpySweeper.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:28 14 Jul 2006
  MESH Support 15:48 14 Jul 2006

The hard drive may be doing it's own housekeeping which wouldn't show up on any utility unless it was one written by the hard drive manufacturer for that purpose.

Within Windows though I've always found that Task Manager is a quick and simple way to check whether an application is read/writing to the drive as it will include CPU cycles used and attribute them to the process doing it.


  Red Devil 16:32 14 Jul 2006

I downloaded and ran the program but lost patience after it logged 5000 accesses of my PC's hard drive inside the first 95 seconds!

  Red Devil 16:39 14 Jul 2006

That program also fails in one crucial regard for what I wanted as well - it doesn't tell me WHAT is accessing the hard drive only that the hard drive is being accessed, for how long and what sector of the hard drive is being accessed.

I need to know what's accessing the hard drive to find out why and, hopefully, stop the thrashing of my hard drive.

  brundle 16:42 14 Jul 2006

same company - filemon click here
output can be filtered

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