Are there any public proxy servers in the U.K.?

  dagwoood 14:42 12 Nov 2004

For some reason this site has started to run really slow for me again(NOT COMPLAINING :0) ) and the only avenue left for me to explore is to use a proxy server to access this site and see if that improves the situation(I'm assuming the slow downs due to routing).

If I connnect using my ISP's proxy server it doesn't provide any performance gain and so I wandered if anyone knows of a freely available proxy server/webcache I could use and see if I get any improvement.

I did a Google but couldn't find anything useful.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  Meshuga 20:49 12 Nov 2004

I`m having the same problem.Don`t know why. Not much help to you I know, just though you might like to know you`re not alone. Regards, Meshuga.

  dagwoood 22:22 12 Nov 2004

I didn't think anyone else was experiencing a slow down as historically someone would start a thread about it.

Thanks for the response :0) , dagwoood.

  dagwoood 12:46 14 Nov 2004


  technophobe!!! 12:55 14 Nov 2004

By coincidence I have just made another posting, which appears to cover a similar topic.

Oddly it is no Slow Internet Access, (ADSL Downloads are full speed) but a DNS corruption issue.

I have been suffering this increasingly over recent months.

At some times Pages download almost immediately, at others I have to try several times before sucess.

I even set up a local (Simply DNS) DNS Cache to see if it helped. Oddly it doesn't. True good pages load more quickly, but new ones or ones not loaded for some time are still intermittent and DMS appears corrupt.

Some such as Ebay are horrifically unreliable, where as others (on my ISP's own site) are impecable. Others such as Google, vary for excellent to awful from minute to minute.

I have a gut feeling that something is seriously wrong with the Internet (DNS) Lookup and has not yet been identified.

I have this problem on both XP and W2K pcs but can't get a grip on where the problem lies

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