Are Sony laptops unreliable?

  obi-nu 19:25 29 Dec 2008

Hi all, I had a sony for 3 years and then the motherboard failed, i've heard rumors sonys are unreliable. How true is this before i go out and buy another?!! Thanks.

  tullie 19:48 29 Dec 2008

Wouldent have thought so,if your not happy get another brand.

  Belatucadrus 20:16 29 Dec 2008

A couple of years ago they had a lot of bad press due to dodgy RAM mounts and poor warranty response but I've not heard of anything recently. So while not especially unreliable I think they're overrated and don't warrant the price premium.

  anchor 14:24 30 Dec 2008

I have had my Sony laptop for almost 3 years, and it has never missed a beat. The display is excellent.

Yes, you do pay a premium price for the name and the style, but its up to the individual to make a decision.

  Roger Evens 15:18 30 Dec 2008

My sony vaio still works and I bought it in 2000

  provider 2 15:25 30 Dec 2008

I don`t think they have a reputation for being any more unreliable than other brands.

They are said to be overpriced, though, particularly in this country. Whether that`s true elsewhere, I don`t know.

  Marko797 15:35 30 Dec 2008

they are unreliable at all...we have 2 which perform well. Downside is cost of repairs, but don't know if this is typical of all laptops or just Sony. For example a new laptop screen from Sony will cost c.£600+. Luckily I got the same screen locally and fitted for £200.

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