are smart TVs smart ?

  firebirdb 16:43 17 Sep 2014

I want to buy a Smart TV the Samsung UE48H6500 or similar, will it connect "wirelessly" or do I have to use cables ? My nearest telephone socket is 10 feet away, accross the room. Are there sets that are "wireless" if not what do you suggest ?

  john bunyan 17:09 17 Sep 2014

I found on a LG thst the wireless connection was very slow - 0.8mbps in same place as iPad got 7mbps. I solved it by buying a pair of homeplugs .

Example (£24.99)


  SparkyJack 17:14 17 Sep 2014

A TV with a wireless card, probably not,not this week any way.

Such an option would also need a computer some sort' tablet size perhaps.

Have you googled the specs for the two you mentioned?

A Google revea wireless kits' whater that may mean.

Looks like a Cooling evening coming up, or ask a 5year old

  john bunyan 17:29 17 Sep 2014

To be clear - most smart TV's have a wireless card. In my case it was too slow so I turned it into a wired connection using homeplugs - speed then fine. I found you need about 3mbps minimum to avoid spooling. You do, of course need a wireless router. Of course an alternative is to get an hdmi adapter for a tablet or laptop - I did that for a while.

  firebirdb 19:01 17 Sep 2014

What about connecting my wireless laptop to original TV, would I be able to view everything from laptop through TV ?

  Aitchbee 21:13 17 Sep 2014

Don't forget that you will have to pay your Broadband Provider [ISP] loadsamoney if you start to use up more than your allocated monthly allowance ... unless you already are paying 'em, for unlimited broadband access.

  carver 22:17 17 Sep 2014

Just recently bought my son a smart TV and no problems at all with connection speed.

  BRYNIT 08:36 18 Sep 2014

Make life easier, just go to the Manufacturer web site and read what the TV can do CLICK HERE for the Samsung UE48H6500 should tell you nearly everything you need to know.

  john bunyan 09:54 18 Sep 2014


What about connecting my wireless laptop to original TV

Ideally both the laptop and tv would have HDMI connectors, but no reason why not - there are adaptors available. I assume carver was talking about wireless connection. My house walls are a bit thick so homeplugs were the answer for me.

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