Are Sky limiting my broadband speed?

  Wanderfly 11:13 22 Jun 2012

Hi all I'm having a battle with Sky to try and get our BB speed up. Generally sits around 0.9 but we live in an area where are only option is Sky connect where they "rent" BB from BT. They've admitted on Sky connect they limit speeds in the evening but here's the thing.... in trying to figure out what's going on I was asked to plug the router into the test socket in the master phone point (so, removing front plate etc). The router was showing a downstream connection of aroun 6mps and yet doing an online speed check it would still only deliver 1mps. Is this a function of Sky? How else could it happen? Also, when plugged back into a normal phone socket, the downstream connection only shows 1.2mps. Any ideas gratefully received! Alex

  difarn 12:18 22 Jun 2012

Are you connected via wireless or ethernet? Although on-line speed tests show a downstream level this can be seriously reduced when pc's are connected wirelessly.

I had a similar problem using the livebox and plugged the router into the test socket. There was an improvement but in the end BT said there was a fault in the external wiring and actually allocated a new line. The problem is, mostly, solved. There are occasions when it is obvious that traffic management is taking place.

  Wanderfly 12:24 22 Jun 2012

Thanks for that, sadly it's the same whether wired or wireless!

Just tried the test socket; downstream 5.8mps, online test 1.0.

To my little mind, I can only think that Sky are able to limit it through the router if it's receiving 5.8 from the test socket?

  difarn 16:10 22 Jun 2012

The speed shown by your router is the upper limit the router can provide not the actual speed - that appears to be 1.0.

You need to keep pestering Sky and if necessary get them to ask BT to check your line.

Do you have extension phones? If so do they all have filters?

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