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Are router boosters/repeaters any good.

  dangerus1 21:14 21 Sep 2013

I have a router wired to my PC upstairs, my daughters and wife all have mobile phones also there are two Google Nexus tablets which all have WiFi connections, every so often one or the other complain that their connection has been lost. I see there are various Router boosters/repeaters on eBay, I know nothing about these devices, can anyone advise me and are they easy to set up. I must add I have an Acer Aspire One 722 which doesn't have the same problem.

  dangerus1 11:27 02 Oct 2013

Onthelimit1, I think it is on a fairly long extension but no longer than the one I've used for years, I would have connected to the master socket but the lack of a power socket stops that as Mrs dangerus1 doesn't want an extension trailing all over the house ;-) when we had the phone installed all those years ago and the the house rewired computers and broadband were unheard of, so didn't think of a power socket alongside the phone socket..

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