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Are router boosters/repeaters any good.

  dangerus1 21:14 21 Sep 2013

I have a router wired to my PC upstairs, my daughters and wife all have mobile phones also there are two Google Nexus tablets which all have WiFi connections, every so often one or the other complain that their connection has been lost. I see there are various Router boosters/repeaters on eBay, I know nothing about these devices, can anyone advise me and are they easy to set up. I must add I have an Acer Aspire One 722 which doesn't have the same problem.

  Nontek 21:38 21 Sep 2013

These are very good!

enter link description here

  dangerus1 21:57 21 Sep 2013

Thanks for the quick answer Nontek, I have had a look and read the best review vs the worst review and I'm afraid if someone with 20 years experience of computers is stumped I would be too with my limited skills. I have bookmarked it but will wait to see if anyone comes up with something easier. I thought they were just plug in and away you went.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:31 22 Sep 2013

dangerus, are the affected devices getting disconnected due to poor signal strength in the location they're being used? If however the signal strength is generally good throughout your house then a booster or repeater probably won't make any difference.

Some wireless problems can be cured by changing the wireless-channel number in the router, or if the router's a notoriously poor performer such as the BT Home hub or Virgin Super hub, buying a better router is likely to help a great deal.

Anyhow, reply to my question and I'll see if I can suggest what to do next.

  dangerus1 11:03 22 Sep 2013

Hi Secret-Squirrel,

I don't have any problems with my Acer Netbook and I can be sat beside my wife when she loses her signal. The message she gets is "Obtaining IP Address for TalkTalk etc" My Router provided by TalkTalk is as far as I can see - D Link Model DSL-278. 0 Broadband Wireless N ADSL2+ Router. I would imagine knowing what I do about TalkTalk it will be the cheapest one they could get. I think the maker is Huawei. I wouldn't know how to change the wireless/channel number in the Router, as I said to Nontek my skills are limited. Thanks for your interest.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:27 22 Sep 2013

"I don't have any problems with my Acer Netbook..."

I appreciate what you're saying but perhaps your netbook has a wireless adapter that can cope better with poor or weak wireless signals. I need to ask again, what signal strength is displayed on one of the Nexus tablets? There will be a status icon for it somewhere on the screen.

  onthelimit1 13:12 22 Sep 2013

The homeplugs suggested by nontek are simplicity to set up - most are 'plug-n-play', some just need a button pressing the first time they are plugged in. I've found they are more satisfactory than the wireless repeaters you mention.

  dangerus1 13:38 22 Sep 2013


Nexus is not available at the moment but my Samsung mobile IP address is the signal strength vis down as good and there are three bars on the wifi symbol on the bar at the top of the screen where the battery is displayed.

onthelimit1 and Nontek

I think I will try one of these gadgets, if I get bogged down there is always someone who can come to the rescue

  Secret-Squirrel 16:26 22 Sep 2013

" the signal strength vis down as good.......I think I will try one of these gadgets"

If all your devices are receiving a strong signal then I can't see why you feel the need to boost it.

Wireless interference is a possible cause of your issues. As I mentioned earlier, it could be that your netbook is able to latch on to a poor signal while other devices disconnect frequently. Here's how you can change the wireless channel on a D-Link DSL-2780. Experiment with channels 1, 7, and 11. Make a note of the current wireless setting before you do anything so you can put things back to how they were if it doesn't help.

If the above suggestion doesn't help then by all means buy a "gadget" but be aware that it may not help.

  wee eddie 17:14 22 Sep 2013

Just a thought. The dropouts may be caused by something as simple as someone putting the microwave on.

  woodchip 17:18 22 Sep 2013

Disconnections could be that you BT line speed may not be up to supporting all the devices downloading at the same time. May not be your router, you should check the speed at BBMax site

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