Are programs Windoze specific?

  jack 14:07 06 Jun 2004

When I upgrade my Win 98 to XP I anticipates the drivers requirement and got in all the Xp drivers for my older peripherals- thern upgraded.
All went well.
All the programs already in the machine worked too - so far so good.
Then one oft graphics editors [Photo Suite 4]
which worked fine at first, styarting acting up.
It loaded to front page then said a certain file was missing.
When I attwmpted to opend a picture file,it alled to be go the the 'get'wind and diplayed the pictures as thumbnails [As XP does]
But when I selected a picture the program went back to the front page. And there after would not display a picture.
So I decied to uninstall, clear the system and reinstall.
It took forever to load, and when all was done
there was no sign of the program in the system.
what do you all think happened?

  Dorsai 14:47 06 Jun 2004

It looks like photosuite 4 is not compatable with xp. click here to see an update for photosuite 4 that only lists 96/98/me as the platforms the update will work on. I guess that if P.S 4 worked on xp the update would too.

  bremner 14:49 06 Jun 2004

Roxio's own help forum is a place to start click here

  Fruit Bat 14:54 06 Jun 2004

Free photo editing software that works on XP Hpme and Pro Picture/Photo editing :-
The gimp click here
Photoplus5 click here


  jack 19:49 06 Jun 2004

Thanx all for that one.
Looks like PS4 is for the bin.
I've PSP 8 thanks to good old PCE- but Photo Suite 4 has some nice touches that I found I was used to.

  MIke 20:25 06 Jun 2004

Had similar problem with with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Only solution, after checking Adobe help pages, was to do a clean install of XP then install Elements. If I remember rightly Adobe recommended uninstalling Elements before upgrading to XP. Of course it's almost impossible to check every program's peculiarites like that before upgrading. I guess moral of the tale is to always do a clean install of OS and start again from scratch.

  Chegs ® 22:08 06 Jun 2004

I got a 4 page printout of incompatible hardware/software when I 1st used the M$ Upgrade checker software.I was going from 98se to XP Pro.I didn't buy any new hardware(I'm still using my scanner/printer)or replace any software.Most of the apps were either fixed by a d/l'ed update,or I found a freebie app to do its job.Drivers for the printer were included with XP,and the scanner could use the "Camera&Scanner Wizard" but its missing handy abilities the scanners original software had.

My usage of the PC has altered,I know a bit about what "makes 'em tick" whereas initially it was all I could to load windows.

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