Are our TV signals NTSC

  erkmatrix 07:26 14 Aug 2006

I found someone on ebay selling a graphics card and TV card but its from the USA, he says the tv card works only with a NTSC signal, we are PAL aren't we. Would there be any way of getting the card to work, or would it be useless. It just is so much cheaper from the US.


  The Old Mod 07:57 14 Aug 2006

Hi, yes our tv signal is pal. Aldi are selling a digital tv card with a remote for £19.00 and it is a very good card.

  johnnyrocker 09:35 14 Aug 2006

assuming you are in the uk it is pal I


  erkmatrix 16:51 14 Aug 2006

yeah I am in the UK, its for an all-in-wonder card.

Is there anyway of making it work like some NTSC tp PAL converter.


  961 17:24 14 Aug 2006

Don't bother

NTSC signal compared to PAL = waste of time

  erkmatrix 17:29 14 Aug 2006

cheers anyway, glad I found out this as I was about to order, it would of been a huge dissapointment to not get the tvcard to work.

it is annoying though how our country is over double the price, you can buy them in the US for £120 and over here something like £350

  rodriguez 17:34 14 Aug 2006

Here's the difference:

NTSC uses a different colour format to PAL, so an NTSC signal on PAL equipment will either not show at all or will be in black and white

NTSC is 60 Hz and PAL is 50 - this means NTSC refreshes the picture 60 times every second compared to PAL's 50 which could cause the picture to roll on some PAL equipment

NTSC is 29.9 frames per second and PAL is 25 so when converting NTSC and PAL video files, it's hard to stop the audio and video going out of sync.

One more note - make sure you get PAL I for the UK - even though Europe uses PAL, the other countries use PAL B and G which means the sound is on a different frequency. Take a UK telly over to Germany for example and you'll get a picture but no sound. Same goes for if you import European equipment to the UK. Most PAL cards now though will handle all the PAL variations.

My advice is to get a new card as that one is just incompatible with the UK's TV signals.

  rodriguez 17:35 14 Aug 2006

Also you might have noticed that when American TV shows are shown over here, the colour is slightly duller and the sound is slightly faster. Some people don't notice, but if you notice it then that's because of how it's been converted ;-)

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