Are Orange Livebox drivers OK under Vista?

  Pineman100 18:46 17 Aug 2007

Has anyone got any experience of wireless comms to an Orange Livebox router from a laptop PC that runs Windows Vista? A friend uses a 9-month-old Livebox and is about to install a new Vista Home Premium laptop.

Do you think the drivers on his Livebox CD will be OK?

If not, does anyone know the Orange URL where Vista drivers can be downloaded? I don't seem to be able to find anything on their broadband website.

Many thanks for any help and advice.

  brundle 18:49 17 Aug 2007

If the laptop has built in wireless you won't need drivers, unless you're planning to use the USB device that comes with the Livebox itself. I have successfully connected an Acer with built in wi-fi to a Livebox, worked fine.

  Pineman100 19:41 17 Aug 2007

I'm not sure what you mean by "the usb device".

The new computer will talk to the Livebox wirelessly, although my friend does already have another non-wireless-enabled computer connected to the Livebox by cable.

  Pineman100 17:28 18 Aug 2007


  ventanas 20:54 18 Aug 2007

As brundle said, the Livebox doesn't need any drivers, but the adaptor supplied with it that connects to the PC does. The CD that was used on XP will also work with Vista to install this. This is exactly what I have done. Its not exactly straight forward. From memory you have to install it as an additional PC. Instructions are on the orange web site.

I have also connected a wireless enabled laptop with ease (also running Vista) No need to install anything on this.

  ventanas 21:40 18 Aug 2007

What on earth has Orange problems got to do with this. The only issue here is how best to connect. There is no problem yet. And that site is a waste of time anyway.

  Ashrich 22:06 18 Aug 2007

If wireless is built in to the new laptop then it will find the live box automatically , he will enter the key for the live box and connect to it and the internet , Vista will remember the key and enable him to re-connect whenever he wishes .


  Pineman100 10:39 19 Aug 2007

Asrich - when you talk about the "key", do you mean a WEP key?

I'm very grateful for everyone's help. It sounds as though I shouldn't have too much trouble getting the new wireless-enabled Vista laptop to find the Livebox (but I've got my fingers crossed!).

  Ashrich 11:17 19 Aug 2007

Yes , the security , WEP if that is the one that is used .


  Pineman100 11:24 19 Aug 2007

Much obliged.

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