Are old PCs worth upgrading?

  Gudman 07:01 26 Sep 2003

Hi folks...

I have a Viglen 266 Pentium 2 that is about six years old now, and I wonder whether or not it is worth upgrading?

I've incresaed the RAM from 32 to 96 (I could increase it to 256, if I could cheaply locate the extra RAM any helpers?).

I don't use the machine for anything too demanding, like video editing and such like, but prefer to just surf the web, etc.

It has been a good machine, and in 1997 cost me over 3 grand... prices fell considerably just after I'd purchased!

So... what should I do? Fork out 40 or 50 quid for some more RAM, or go for a much more up-to-date machine? (money is tight... due to illness and low income). I'd have to buy on HP.

What would you advise?

Kindest regards

Richard Harrison

richardharrison_85 at

  holly polly 07:46 26 Sep 2003

gday ,about the easiest thing to do to your comp ,that would make a noticeable diffrence -would be to add more ram ,as you say the system is now quite elderly ,but the main area of your interest is web surfing ,regardless if you have the latest all singing all dancing comp ,i dare say you will see a noticeable diffrence ,internet connection speed is not directly related to comp spefication ,i dare say if you was to put your comp on my bb connection would be pretty much the same ,though i have the provision of 512 mb of ram ,swings and roundabouts i'm afraid ,there are comp enthusists who are speed /specification fanatics ,unless you are into online gaming, video editing etc ,ask yourself the question "does my comp do everything i ask of it" ,if it does and it does resonably well ,what is going to be gained by the added expense ,very little except a larger hole in your pocket ,yes the new generation of comps are very nice ,lightning fast ,its down to personal prefrence im afraid ,or the old phhilosophy -"you can have the world if you want-but only if you pay"-best regards -hol pol...

  Buachail Mór 08:16 26 Sep 2003

Well, you have a modem, a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard (but check connectors) - you may be able to source a cheap second hand machine with, say, 256 RAM and a 800 mhz / 1GHz processor for about £120. There is no need to go for a ~new~ machine.

Be very careful of where you get the finance for a new machine - some high street stores charge upwards of 30% interest if you finance through them.

  Simsy 09:09 26 Sep 2003

the modem may be a slower type. A modern internal one can be easily bought with change from a tenner...

click here or click here

Certainly your procesor is adequate for what you suggest. Gaming, video editing, serious sound manipulation, and big picture editing are the demanding tasks required of pc's in a domestic environment. Ordinary "office" tasks are not a problem.

I've just had good service from click here and I suspect they will be able to help with memory. Also a phone call to would not go ammiss. Though your mobo is old they are very helpful and may be able to identify exactly what you need, even if they can't supply it new.

Good luck,



  expertec 09:18 26 Sep 2003

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