Are my SSD + HDD alright or partially / fully dead

  vici12 vici12 13:42 03 Jan 2017

My PSU's fan died a few days ago, but the PSU still worked...for a while, until it overheated and shut down my PC. I didn't know about the fan, otherwise i would have replaced the whole thing sooner. After replacing it with another PSU that i had around (but didn't fully know whether it was functional, last time i used it was a year ago, so i thought it still worked), my HDD was no longer recognised by the PC and it clicked a few times, while the SSD worked for about 10 minutes, after which the PC blue screened with error CRITICALPROCESSDIED. After that, it would no longer recognise the SSD, either. Today, i had the chance to test the system on a 100% working PSU of a friend. The HDD no longer clicked at all. The SSD booted up until the loading windows part , but automatically started a disk check-up, saying some files are corrupted, or windows couldn't start because of an error. I had no time to see anything more, as i was in a hurry. I couldn't enter BIOS to see if the HDD was recognised either, as, somehow, the keyboard didn't work, or my mate didn't press DEL right, i don't know. So, does that mean i simply have to reinstall windows, or my SSD now has one or more bad sectors, or is it partially/ fully dead? Same about the HDD, no more clicks means dead or maybe it only clicked because of the second faulty PSU? My new PSU arrives tomorrow, or the day after, but i feel like i need some peace of mind, as i had some important stuff on the HDD.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 03 Jan 2017

Fit the new PSU

let windows attempt to load and go through any automated repair it needs to. More than likely it will repair any corrupted files caused by the old psu not powering yur HDD /SDD correctly.

Once up and running BACK UP your important files.

  wee eddie 19:27 03 Jan 2017

FB is, almost certainly correct. Fitting a new PSU will, very likely do the trick. maybe you have recently added something that overloaded the old one.

If so the new PSU should be able to handle a higher wattage

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