Are my files infected?

  ivy lynn-251214 21:42 05 Nov 2003

I ran a scan with Spyware,and it said i had 156 infected files, and to correct them I should buy full version of Spyware, then I ran a scan with free AVG virus scan, and it said "no infected files were found".Any advice on what I should do please?

  JIM 21:47 05 Nov 2003

Have an other opinion via housecall scan online to be sure,let us know the result.

click here

  wee eddie 21:50 05 Nov 2003

AVG virus scan is looking for virae and has found none.

Spyware is looking for malicious tracking cookies, pop-ups etc, and has found quite a few.

Quarantine the lot. If you have problems with your PC later. Have a shufty through the files that you have quarantined and restore any that look useful.

  rowdy 21:51 05 Nov 2003

Spyware does not detect virus infected files and AVG does not detect spyware infected files.
Down load either Adaware or Spybot, both free , and run to check and clear out any spyware.

Just put either name into google and you will find the sites from which to download.


  tenplus1 21:51 05 Nov 2003

You said you scanned for Spyware then tried to use AVG (a virus killer) to cure the problem...

Get hold of Search & Destroy 1.2 from this link: click here

That will not only remove Spyware but Vaccinate your PC so they wont come back...

  wee eddie 21:53 05 Nov 2003

and that is how it deals with such dross and there is no extra cost.

I have heard Spyware is highly spoken of but have no personal knowledge of it.

  kimjhon 03:46 06 Nov 2003

Hi etna

What was this spyware prog called? Any prog that says you have to buy to remove things is no good.

There is a prog that invites an online scan and then installs itself and tells you your PC is infested and that you should buy to clean up. When you dont and uninstal it, it leaves its own spyware prog.
I think is is called SpywareNuker.

Spybot Search and Destroy is excellent. In one of its Registry entries it uses the word SpywareNuker.
The nasty prog has prob chosen this word to cause confusion.

  kimjhon 03:59 06 Nov 2003

Sorry etna

Forgot to say. You dont have all those nasties on your PC although some references to them may have been placed there.
Anyway, Spybot S&D will clean up for you. And even remove the remains of SpywareNuker.

  ivy lynn-251214 19:06 06 Nov 2003

Thanks for all reply's
I have downloaded Spybot S&D,and as you said all files cleaned up no problem......
Thanks again

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