Are my computer componants compatible with Linux??

  Rikku 10:36 17 Aug 2003

I would like to know if my computer is compatible with linux is their a webby that i can goto which will check it for me? because i want to change from windows :P i just bought a new mobo processor and ram so i dont5 really wanna change them after paying so much i have

asus p4xp-x mobo
intel celeron 2.40 Ghz processor
crucial 512 ram DDR
generic soft K56 modem
Panasonic DVD drive - no more info (dusnt play dvds the question is in anutha topic)
panasonic floppy disk
Creative speakers
Scott monitor logitec mouse and universal keyboard

is this enough info?? or could you recomend another operating system for me? im looking to but a new HD to put the new installation onto

Seagate barracuda 60 GB

if there is a webby please tell me it i have seen a windows xp one but i cant find it anymore.

also do usb ports work i read that on the 6.1 version they still didnt work and what about software. . .will things like dreamweaver work on red hat linux 9?

Thanks in advance - Ashley

  Eastender 10:55 17 Aug 2003

These may be of some help. click here and
click here

  Eastender 10:59 17 Aug 2003

I meant to add:-
Pay special attention to the modem, at the time I tried Linux it would not work with a PCI 'WinModem' Best of luck.

  Rikku 15:56 17 Aug 2003

the first webby what ever search i out in it comes up with nothing plus im trying to get red hat linux not mandrake linux and i was thinking more along the lines like the webby scans ure compa and determins what will work and what will not i will keep trying though, any answers to my other questions?? does linux support usb 2 yet?? and is it compatible with programmes like dreamweaver?

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