Are modern printer inks colour fast?

  manrow 20:44 07 Dec 2008

Or will they fade especially if exposed to sunshine?

Does this also apply to shop/factory produced colour photos?

  lotvic 20:52 07 Dec 2008

some are, some aren't click here
you have to research the different types of ink.

  woodchip 22:47 07 Dec 2008

Not Water Proof and they fade

  manrow 07:42 08 Dec 2008

Are colour laser printers the answer then?

  €dstowe 08:18 08 Dec 2008

Laser prints tend to have better light fastness than inkjet but they are still prone to UV fading.

You can help preserve colours by applying a UV absorbing lacquer to your prints or mounting behind UV absorbing film but, even using these won't prevent fading occurring - they just delay it.

Even the paintings of the old masters aren't immune - that's why art galleries are carefully shaded and quite dimly lighted.

Usually you find that reds (magenta) and yellows are least stable to light and that then affects all other colours of which these are a component.

You should be able to buy UV Lacquer and film from graphic art suppliers.

  Andsome 08:29 08 Dec 2008

If you keep the photos on your computer or a CD or DVD, you can always make fresh copies. Any colour will eventually fade in light, it always happens with curtains, or furniture in the light of a window.

  mooly 08:30 08 Dec 2008

At this moment I have an A4 print done with Jettec inks on an upstairs windowledge in full sun when it shines. I cut it into four pieces and am keeping two in the dark. It's been there a couple of months.
I feel there is a slight change when they are assembled back, not so much fading, just a very ( and it is small ) change in the tinting.

  woodchip 15:44 08 Dec 2008

Colour Laser is what I use, they are Waterproof, but how long pictures last I do not know. But even a Normal Film Photo Print will fade if left in the light

Mine is a Epson Acculaser 1100

  manrow 22:16 08 Dec 2008


that looks expensive to operate and probably not for personal use?

  cooki8c 14:44 09 Dec 2008

it depends un the ink I have pictures I printed over4years ago and they dont appesr to have faded cookie

  woodchip 23:04 09 Dec 2008

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