Are 'Memory Managers' really worth it?

  kinger 17:12 21 Sep 2003

I notice that a lot of adverts are cropping up advertising memory manager software which is supposed to stop memory leakages and also help your PC run faster.

Does anyone here use such and does it really improve performance.

I am using Win XP with 512mb of RAM on a notebook PC and also a desktop PC with 1gb of memory also on XP

Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 17:15 21 Sep 2003

they are a total waste of time. I've tried several, and didn't notice any difference in performance at all.

  -pops- 17:31 21 Sep 2003

Like many of these "manager" programs, the only things they will manage to do is make your wallet lighter.

Steer Clear.

  kinger 20:37 21 Sep 2003

My mind's made up. Thank you both.

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