Are image files still viewable in newer versions of windows?

  Trenny 10:00 10 Jul 2013

Are image files still viewable in newer versions of windows?

This may sound a silly question, but I have scanned all my photos and slides into the computer, dating back to 1900 and before, as well as having them copied over to two external drives. I should hate to think that they are unuseable if the drive was kept for ten or twenty years without being looked at - my children and grandchildren are not interested at the moment, but might be later.

Any advice appreciated.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:46 10 Jul 2013

I would certainly check them every so often to check that something all is well with the hard-drive. As with CD/DVD which we were initially promised (Tomorrows World TV program) would last forever and were virtually indestructible I would not be assuming that the drive might fail for some reason.

But as to being able to view your images I can think of no reason why future editions of Windows will not be able to.

  northumbria61 10:52 10 Jul 2013

I agree with Chronus the 2nd with regards to being able to view in future editions of Windows. Only a failure of the HDD would prevent you from seeing them.

  rdave13 15:45 10 Jul 2013

I would also consider using a different medium to create another backup. Depends on how much GBs is involved, buying SDHC cards in drips and drabs, and backing up to them. You could also keep them in a case . Have a look at the prices on this Amazon page. Scroll down a bit for the case pouch.Amazon.Just for example.

Then you would have two different tech backups.

  Trenny 17:54 10 Jul 2013

There are getting on for 60 GB of images so, I think, too much for SDHC cards if I understand correctly, RDave13, although "Sandisk Ultra SDHC 32GB FFP" looks a possibility.What is the advantage of these over a DVD or External Hard Drive?

  rdave13 18:38 10 Jul 2013

You could backup using more than two SD cards. 4x16 GB for instance. I'm thinking of using different technology for a better chance at longevity. You could also try flash drives. So have 3 different technological backups. Four if you also use DVDs.

  Trenny 20:16 10 Jul 2013

Many thanks all. Very useful advice ...

  wee eddie 20:32 10 Jul 2013

I suppose it does somewhat rely upon which Format you saved them in and which program you are using to View them.

As far as I know, no commonly available Photo Format, has become unavailable since Digitalising started.

However there some methods of Storing them that have become extinct. e.g. ZIP and JAZ Drives for example, also the big Floppy Disks. With the current speed of change, there is no telling what will, or will not, be readable in 50 years, but I would guess that all the current storage methods will no longer be in regular use, but may be readable by Specialist Companies.

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