Are games controllers correctly installed

  ponytail 13:54 21 Dec 2013

I have two game controllers which are Game Prince JH-907 and Xbox 360 wired controller.The Xbox seems to be working but still trying to fathom out which button does what.But cannot see either in device manager can someone tell me what I am looking for in device manager.Also does anyone know how to use the Game Prince JH-907

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:17 21 Dec 2013

Button use will depending on what game the controller is used for.

Should show in device manager under USB devices or Human Interface Devices or possibly Mouse and other pointing devices.

  ponytail 14:48 21 Dec 2013

I am now in device manager and have clicked on human interface devices and it has 5 HID Compliant devices and 4 USB input devices and at the moment I have three external drives and the Xbox 360 plus my external DVD writer all plugged in by USB.How do I know what is what

  rdave13 15:00 21 Dec 2013

Check Devices and Printers (control panel) see if the controller's icon is showing. If it is then right click, select 'Game controller settings', properties tab, you can test it via the test tab or calibrate it under the settings tab.

  ponytail 15:59 21 Dec 2013

Hi rdave13 I have three controller xbox 360 Game Prince JH-907 and Logitek attack 3 joystick.Have done what you advised and they all appear in system devices when plugged in what buttons are used to do what.

  rdave13 16:26 21 Dec 2013

After 'game controller setting', select the controller that is connected. Click on the properties tab and a window opens showing the name of controller and opened in the test page. Using the controller you can test if the corresponding buttons work, ie 1 for 1 etc. and you can test the x y axis, z rotation, dial and shows point of view of hat.

  ponytail 17:04 21 Dec 2013

Hi again rdave13 yes have done all that and all the buttons on all three controlers seem to be ok it is just know what button controls what on the game for example which is the thottle button or on my flight simulator game what do I use for example lower the undercarriage as I presume all three controllers will be different.Thanks again will get there eventually

  rdave13 17:13 21 Dec 2013

That information should be within the game's settings.

  ponytail 09:22 22 Dec 2013

Have just loaded one of the games gone into menu selected controls and all that is listed is keyboard keys and do not like trying to use the keyboard to play.Have just noticed one of the games does not say it is suitable for windows 7 it says windows 2000 xp or vista no 7 when I played it on my desktop that had xp

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