are floppies rewriteable?

  Baslla321 15:07 29 Dec 2004

I need to erase and correct a few errors in a project which is already on a floppy disk.can I erase and correct? or can I erase the whole lot and recopy or do I have to use a new floppy?

  TomJerry 15:08 29 Dec 2004

you will find it out

  VoG II 15:08 29 Dec 2004

They are rewritable. You can delete, edit, add etc.

  sattman 15:15 29 Dec 2004

If you mean 3.5 inch disc, you can add or delete data or reformat and start from new.

  Baslla321 15:18 29 Dec 2004

I tried to erase the lot but did not see any delete sign about. Will try again.
Thanks all.

  NormanD 00:00 30 Dec 2004

There is a small sliding switch that can be set to protect the contents of the floppy. Is that in the correct position?

  woodchip 00:09 30 Dec 2004

Just right click the floppy in explorer

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