Are Energizer AAA batteries shorter than Duracell

  davecartman 09:24 30 Jan 2018

I have a Dicota BlueLight mouse and Duracell batteries snap in tightly but Energizers fit loosely and rattle about with poor contact. I don't have a caliper to measure them accurately so has anyone else noticed this, I would have expected different makes to at leased be the same size.

  wee eddie 09:55 30 Jan 2018

As far as I know all are technically the same length, but there are minor differences between each batch

  alanrwood 12:00 30 Jan 2018

Yes there is an international standard which lays down the dimensions and tolerances. However I have also noticed some variations between brands, usually the height of the positive terminal from the top of the main battery shell. This can mean the positive terminal does not quite meet the mouse battery plate. However I have never seen one in which the batteries can move about as you describe as the negative terminal is usually a spring.

  qwbos 12:30 30 Jan 2018

AA and AAA information from Wikipedia. Annoyingly, it doesn't give dimensional tolerances for AAA, though I'd expect them to be similar to AA. I've experienced more problems with tight fit than rattling and suspect the problem lies with device manufacturers going for one extreme or the other rather than using a mid range dimension.

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