Are Demo and Shareware programs full versions.

  henza_mapenza 13:51 26 Oct 2003

I just want to know that are applications nero burning rom and ashampoo winoptimizer (for example) you can download from the internet full complete versions that have a trial limit on them. Is this true?

  Kitz E Kat 14:00 26 Oct 2003

I'm sure it is!! you can get full versions of software on a time trial basis, usually about 30 limit after that you gotta buy it.....

Or you can get software which is a demo version which don't do much!!! but give you an idea as to what it would do if you buy it!!!

  Belatucadrus 14:07 26 Oct 2003

click here for a load of Shareware. Usually time limited and requiring payment to unlock after the trial period.

click here for freeware. Licences differ, but usually free for non profit home use.

click here for some other freeware links.

  spuds 14:51 26 Oct 2003

You will find Demo's are just that, so as to give you a part idea as to the product. Shareware can come in various forms.Complete full programmes,or bits removed until activated by keycodes etc. Some have pre-payment before download, others offer the download and hope that you will be honest and pay for it at a later stage,some have reminder pop-ups, that can get annoying, until you pay for and register the product,usually after a trial period.Others may let you download and cease to function at a later date, unless you obtain a keycode [usually on payment].

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