Are computer suppliers above the law?

  Trikie 10:24 26 Aug 2009

I have recently bought 2 printers from different suppliers (one for myself and one for my wife), an Epson and an HP

Both were faulty and were returned to the dealers. In each case the dealer refused to provide a replacement until they had sent the printer back to the manufacturers. The latest has even had the nerve to tell me that if I hadn't phoned to query the delay in providing a replacement they would not have sent one - "after all we are a business" was their explanation. Needless to say that is my last purchase from them.

I thought that the Sale of Goods Act makes the supplier responsible for replacing faulty goods and that it is then up to them to recover the cost from their supplier. My problems have fortunatly been with relatively inexpensive items but as I am about to buy a new PC I'm more than a bit worried about how any possible problems will be dealt with.

Is my experince typical or have I just been unlucky? If just unlucky can anyone suggest PC suppliers with a good reputation for dealing with problems.

  HondaMan 10:33 26 Aug 2009

You have been bamboozled. They are obliged, I think, within 6 months of purchase, to offer an exchange or a refund - your choice - as the law assumes that the fault was present when purchased

  ened 11:29 26 Aug 2009

Next time have a look at Amazon to see if they sell what you want.

The price will most probably be competitive and they will not argue about anything faulty (in my case a television which was 8 months old).

Regarding the new pc; have you considered putting your own together?

These people are pretty good and reliable click here

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