Are computer parts universal or country specific

  MaxOfTheMax 16:50 12 Nov 2016

I was wondering if parts in a pc (apart from the power supply) are universal and therefore can be bought from anywhere in the world and work anywhere in the world. The reason is because it seems almost all pc parts are cheaper in the US than in the UK, and as this is the case if i ever find myself being able to travel to the US would i be able to pick up something like a new CPU or graphics card? Thanks

  Belatucadrus 16:59 12 Nov 2016

The hardware would be compatible but remember if you clear £15 in value you can be hit with VAT and import duties if customs see it when you get home.

  wee eddie 17:10 12 Nov 2016

And, of course, if you fly you may have to pay for excess baggage

  MaxOfTheMax 17:13 12 Nov 2016


  bumpkin 17:45 12 Nov 2016

if you fly you may have to pay for excess baggage

I doubt it on a CPU:-)

  alanrwood 10:07 13 Nov 2016

Also loss of warranty needs to be factored in.

  lotvic 12:51 13 Nov 2016

Also remember that in the States prices are before Tax. When you get to the check-out you have to pay the Sales Tax on top of the purchase price.

  lotvic 12:53 13 Nov 2016

Here's some info click here tripadvisor United States: Sales Tax

  robin_x 14:09 13 Nov 2016

Circuit parts may look like a bomb on the X-ray, leading to your bag being blown up, the airport being evacuated and you spending some hours in custody.

Or years, if very unlucky.

  chub_tor 18:54 13 Nov 2016

I have been bringing computer parts in from the USA for many years both in my checked bags and carry on. Sometimes the checked bags have a leaflet from US Customs to say that they have been opened and checked, sometimes my carry ons have been searched. But I have had no problems in bringing them home. It is good advice from lotvic re the Sales Tax - in Texas it is 8.5% and alanrwood's point about warranty is also worth noting. Luckily I have had few problems with that.

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