Are Compaq/HP OEM versions of XP Pro different?

  Gaz W 17:33 11 Apr 2003

I have seen Windows XP Pro on Ebay for (currently) about £40. This is a HP or Compaq OEM version and the seller claims it is "unregistered". Can I legally install it on my PC if I purchased it? Is it any different (e.g. the HP or Compaq logo appears on the Windows splash screen or or there are Compaq drivers, etc).

I know it works OK, but are there any settings different that I might want to change back to the default settings, assuming it's legal.

  MartinT-B 17:39 11 Apr 2003

An OEM version should technically be supplied by what MS defindes as a "seller that sell an integral part of your PC" (paraphrased) This in effect means that someone who sells you a mouse can also sell an OEM version.

There is no difference between the two EXCEPT support.

MS will support a retail version. They expect the seller of the OEM version to provide support for it. If you have an OEM version MS will charge you for telephone support.

  MartinT-B 17:43 11 Apr 2003

PS, if you do decide to buy this from ebay, I'd suggest you reject it if the package has been opened. It just MIGHT have been copied.

Check the seller on Ebay. I think they have a rating system, and if (s)he has sold a lot of stuff there, there will be testimonials from other buyers.

  Djohn 19:37 11 Apr 2003

Not absolutly sure on this, but I think that because it is an OEM belonging to a HP or Compaq PC, then it will not be legal if installed on another PC. J.

  Djohn 19:43 11 Apr 2003

The seller says it is unregistered, but has it been activated, as these are two different things.

Registration is not compulsory, but activation is. Just saying, make sure before you buy, otherwise you may lose money. Regards. J.

  Gaz W 20:42 11 Apr 2003

Thanks for your help. Here is the page: click here

This one appears to be a HP OEM version.

  Gaz W 20:45 11 Apr 2003

There appears to be other Windows XP Pro ones that are cheaper, but seem to be the same seller. I'll check the seller's ratings and if there is any bad feedback I won't bother.

  Gaz W 21:16 11 Apr 2003

The seller has got all good comments from buyers, although there are only 20 of them. What does anyone think of the information given on the page (the link I gave above or click here).

  Djohn 22:27 11 Apr 2003

It's difficult to advise on this, maybe the FE might see your thread and try to help.

He does have 12 copy's for sale + the one he has opened to test.

It does say sealed, but does not say in original packing! Also the latest XP CD come with service pack one already on them, these ones don't, as he makes a point of saying, "Ready to download S/Pack one". Sorry I can't be of more help. J.

  Gaz W 23:19 11 Apr 2003

Thanks for your help, Djohn.

I have seen other ones (see links below) that come with SP1. The seller claims that it's not activated or registered.

click here

and there's this:

click here

I realise it's difficult to decide, but at least one says that they will give a refund if it turns out not to be legal (don't know how that works).

  Gaz W 23:23 11 Apr 2003

I forgot to mention - is there any way to tell if it isn't genuine, other than obvious signs like open/not genuine packaging, etc. Is there anything online that would allow me to check the serial number and whether it has been activated?

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