Are ‘wireless headphones’ worth it?

  Housten 16:51 16 Dec 2012

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I am confident that whilst this is not – technically - the area to ask the following questions, there are so many knowledgeable people who visit this forum that someone might – just might - know the answer, as I do not know where else to go!

At the start of next month it will be six years since we bought our television. A Philips 32” flat screen model number 32PF75310/10 – at least I think that that is the model number. I am 70 next year and getting a little deaf and keep on turning the volume up, which is annoying the wife, although she doesn’t complain too often. What I am thinking of doing is purchasing some ‘wireless headphones’.

The first question is : where do I connect these? There appear to be 3 possibilities, but some state ‘audio in’!! This includes on the side where you insert the headphone connection, which – being very, very ignorant of these matters – I would have thought that ‘audio out’ would be. So does anyone have any idea which outlet(s) I should use?

The second question is : does anyone have any experience of using these? Are they worth it? And if they are worth using, any ideas as to which would be a good/reasonable one to buy?

Any ideas/help/advice on either of the above questions would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 16 Dec 2012

I use a cheap £20 set of silvercrest from Lidal

Use an adaptor from the Audio out L R to a stereo socket. enter link description here base unit plugs into the socket

Wife can have sound as low as she wants and I can have as loud as I need.

  chub_tor 19:13 16 Dec 2012

I think your TV is similar to the one shown in this manual Click Here and if so if you scroll down to Section 8 it will show you how to Connect Devices. Looking at the block of connectors the first 3 are marked AV1,2 and 3 and just next to them are the Audio Left (white) and Audio Right (red) output connectors. It is these you need to connect to your wireless headphone box using a connector as suggested by Fruit Bat /\0/. I have the same headphones and connector as he does and it works perfectly.

  Housten 15:42 17 Dec 2012

Good afternoon, gentlemen,

To say I am overwhelmed with your replies is simplistic and glib response, but one that in this case is absolutely true.

Thank you all because I was hoping that someone might tell me where to look was the best I thought I would get, but your replies mean that I have some very careful thinking to do.

Many, many thanks to everyone.

PS I will post this in both questions. Housten.

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