Are all .zip programs portable?

  wideeyedowl 14:26 25 Aug 2008

Sometimes there is the option to download a program as either .exe or .zip. Can a program in .zip format be used on any drive/drive substitute - hard disk [c], memory stick [e] OR an external hard disk drive [f?]?

  Belatucadrus 15:26 25 Aug 2008

It depends on the operating system, XP and Vista can handle zip files, but the older versions will need a zip program like WinZip or Zipcentral to open them.

  sean-278262 15:29 25 Aug 2008

click here The best place for portable programs to fit on memory sticks. But you can install to any drive but that drive would need to be assigned to the same drive letter to work. So if you have 2 pen drives and one is D when installing and the next time you go on and another drive fills the D space you wont be able to access that program.


  mgmcc 15:32 25 Aug 2008

A "ZIP" file is a compressed folder which can contain multiple files. These normally have to be extracted from the zip archive before they can be used.

If a program is downloaded as an "EXE" file, that is probably a self extracting archive that, when run, will install the program automatically.

Windows versions from ME onwards (but excluding Windows 2000) have built-in support for ZIP files. You can select a group of files, right click and select "Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder". Double clicking a zip file will open it.

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