are all versions of the 'yontoo' browser add-on malware/adware

  theDarkness 19:40 08 Mar 2013

Ive been receiving consumer online surveys from random websites

No anti rootkit or malware programs picked up any suspicious content, and I dont see anything suspect in my startup list or taskmgr. After a search on here and on google it would seem the cause of my surveys are the questionable yontoo add-on I have on firefox. I definately believe I installed it for a reason (I cant remember why-erm) and its been there for days, yet only today Ive been receiving the surveys.

If this is the true cause, I am wondering what kind of software it was most likely bundled with (I havent been downloading anything questionable). It seems to be advertised as an add-on to facebook, but I dont use that. I checked the date of installation and that isnt really helping. Its official site is labelled as very poor in popularity and trust through google, which suggests its not to be trusted at all, but then I still question why these surveys didnt start as soon as it was installed. I am surprised that online armor, avast and malwarebytes picked up nothing.

rdave13s link from previous post :-

  theDarkness 21:03 08 Mar 2013

update: I matched the creation date with another program-yontoo seems to have automatically included with a download tool,'jdownloader'. A forum recommended jdownloader as being useful in downloading software that fails to complete (freeware flight game to try out on this laptop-'Hardwar'). After checking jdownloaders installation directory, it seems to live off adult content judging by the name of some of its plugins-and likely lives off yontoo scam surveys™ that it likes to include upon installation. the surveys must have only started upon trying out the downloader for the first, despite how long it was installed for. Perhaps the name of the game should have been enough of a hint not to try the related downloader out :( ...

  lotvic 21:18 08 Mar 2013

Spybot Search & Destroy Manual Removal Guide for Yontoo.Pagerage also explains what it is/does.

  theDarkness 21:51 08 Mar 2013

thanks for that-with most of the removal guides online yontoo seems to list itself in most users installed programs list for an easy uninstall, even if the keys may need to be still removed manually. It doesnt list itself as a program on this machine, it is simply one single file

C:\Program Files\Yontoo\YontooIEClient.dll

It seems to come with plenty of free software that will claim its a necessary component in order to run, after searching through youtube. All it seems to give people are pop up surveys, alongside heavy tracking. It might not steal data, but id rather not have a survey pop up every 5 websites or so asking me for personal data or to start a yearly subscription competition service. I knew it was a scam after I clicked on the start button whilst the browser was still running, and the next pop up survey or page title would change from 'pc advisor' as shown above to 'run', lol. as far as I can tell it wasnt included with any of the other add-ons I have installed, although yontoo can sometimes be included with many 'save video from youtube' apps, similar to the one I have listed (Ant)

  lotvic 22:14 08 Mar 2013

Seems to be a daily battle stemming the tide of these sort of addons toolbars and such that come bundled or try to sneak in. Takes half the pleasure away. I can remember when we didn't even need an antivirus program....

  theDarkness 23:40 08 Mar 2013

I should probably point out to everyone NOT to download Spyhunter from part 1 of the last link in my first post! The guide is ok, but the guide states you install Spyhunter, and from what I can find in net reviews its scam software that fairs very poorly in comparison to genuine suites. Spybot arent too keen on it either, stating in the second post that its on the same level (or acts just like) questionable suites from questionable sources that may claim you are infected (when you are not), in order to get you to pay more as an example, or may infect you more etc. Nice! They may be giving users a hint by naming their company 'enigma software', lol.

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