Are all CDs the same?

  Graham ® 17:22 08 Jun 2006

I bought some CD-R blank discs from Morrisons to replace ones a friend had used recording vinyls for me. They say 'for computer use' on them. But his wife (who he says knows about these things!) says they are the wrong type, they should say 'for audio' on them.

I thought they were all the same these days. Any advice, please?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 17:26 08 Jun 2006

i used to have a seperate philips cd-r unit that would only take blank cd`s with digital audio on them not like the ones you use in a pc standard cd-r`s somthing to do with the format of the cd .

  SANTOS7 17:41 08 Jun 2006

I use Datasafe which are about a bob each they are CD-R, on disc, they state for DATA, VIDEO and CONSOLE so i would say they are OK...

  rodriguez 17:51 08 Jun 2006

Most CD players will just play any CD-R disc with audio tracks on it, regardless of it's type. So you should be OK.

  Totally-braindead 18:09 08 Jun 2006

You do get dedicated audio ones. A person I know swears by them, I asked him to prove to me there was a differnce and he made 2 copies, one on a standard CDR and one on a "Audio" CDR. He played them both and claimed that he could hear the difference but they sounded exactly the same to me. I hasten to add theres nothing wrong with my hearing either.

  Graham ® 18:18 08 Jun 2006
  Graham ® 20:14 08 Jun 2006

But could he tell which was which in a 'blind' test?

From my link, I gather an audio CD can't be copied if the content is protected.

  citadel 20:31 08 Jun 2006

my dvd drive likes some brands of cd-r dics better than others. By trial and error I found it's favourite is verbatim and all tracks copy perfectly on these.

  FatboySlim71 21:41 08 Jun 2006

I agree with citadel, I have used Verbatim for around 2-3 years and have never had a bad one, there a bit more expensive but like anything in life you only get what you pay for. I have also read somewhere that the more expensive discs have a longer archive life, I have also read that Taiko yuden media is supposed to be very good as well, I might try these out the next time I buy some more discs.

  MIke 22:20 08 Jun 2006

Audio CD's are for use in HiFi type cd recorders, which are unable to use 'standard' computer cd-r's. There is a bit of code pre-recorded onto audio cd's that the recoder needs to read to recognise the disc, this is not present on computer cdr's and such cd's are rejected by cd recorders. Audio cdr's carry a premium in cost supposedly to offset the losses by the music industry, by home recording. Otherwise there's no real difference.

  MIke 22:23 08 Jun 2006

PS agree with other posters Taiyo Yuden discs are the bees knees I've used them without any problems at all, obtainable from SVP , I can't agree with comments on verbatim though, had coasters and discs that become unreadable within a few months of burning, no such problem with TY's to date.

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