Arctic Vga Cooler Trashed my 9600XT

  OU812 00:58 04 Apr 2004

Sorry if this is in rant mode (blame in on alcohol comsuption!!) however this afternoon I fitted a revision 3 Arctic VGA Cooler to my Radeon 9600XT.

When I booted the PC, the fan on the cooler didn't start and the result on the screen looked like what you would experience with an overclock gone to far. I immediately shut down but it seems the damage was already done since re-fitting the stock Radeon fan which worked fine (showing the fan header was OK)resulted in no improvement and so I am back to my old Nvida card for the time being (glad I didn't give it away).

So like Arctic Boy (I thought It would be a good omen-silly me!) who I backed in yesterdays National the Arctic cooler fell at the first hurdle and I must see if I can get recompemse from Overclockers UK (Esnet Ltd) from whome I brought both the card and the cooler.


  hugh-265156 01:07 04 Apr 2004

thats just bad luck.really sorry.

i dont think you will get anything except maybe a replacement fan or a refund(if your lucky)

you voided the warranty on the graphics card when you removed the fan to fit the new one and the new fans guarentee wont cover damage to other equipment if not fitted by a professional.

i may be wrong.

  OU812 01:13 04 Apr 2004

Thats really cheered me up thanks!

  OU812 01:32 04 Apr 2004

I'm sobering up!.

I take your point Huggy71, caveat emptor and all that, however this would be based on the assumption that the cooler actually worked when in actually fact it didn't and goods must be fit for the purpose which clearly this cooler was not.

I will in the word of Vic Veeves "not let it lie"

  hugh-265156 01:34 04 Apr 2004

sorry.i didnt meant to rub etc.

when you fit things yourself you take do a chance dont you?usually everything goes ok but when it goes wrong its usually our own fault that the damage occours.

give Overclockers UK a call,and explain what never know they may be very simpathetic.i do hope they are.

best of luck.

  Djohn 01:40 04 Apr 2004

Morning guys! I didn't realise that a graphic card could overheat so quickly, especially during the boot-up?

  hugh-265156 01:46 04 Apr 2004

i was just thinking that myself Djohn.booting into windows for a few seconds shouldnt pop it.

but then again i dont have much experience with anything faster than a raddy 9000 which will run without a fan no problems even playing a game :-)

did you have to remove a shim OU812?(small square of raised metal around the gpu under the old hs)

a lot of people damage thier cards doing this incorectly.not sure about 9600`s i know the 9000 doesnt have this but some radeon cards do.

  OU812 01:55 04 Apr 2004

No shim needed removing, all that was required was to remove the fan (a bit fiddly)and existing thermal paste a job - been careful this was effectively £120 quid I had in my hand!- that took a couple of minutes.

All I can say it was working fine yesterday AM and bang as soon as I replaced the stock fan with this cooler its all gone to hell. I am most annoyed still!

Anyway to bed.

  hugh-265156 02:06 04 Apr 2004

how much thermal gloop did you use?

if you put on quite a lot it may well have seaped over the edge of the chip and caused a short somewhere on the circut board.

try cleaning off any thermal pase and re apply very sparingly and fit the old HS and fan may be lucky.worth a try.

ps.just in case shim is square shiny surround. click here if not removed the HS doesnt make contact with the gpu and the air pocket will heat things up very quickly causing above try refitting the old HS have nothing to lose.

  OU812 11:46 04 Apr 2004

Spread a thin layer (in the same fashion as on a CPU)using a old credit card.

I have refitted the old heat sink and card (but the problem remains even though the stock fan on the card works) however I'll hang fire uhtil I get a response from Overclockers re any further messing with the card.

However what would be very helpful is if anyone knows if I can connect up the 2 Pin connecter on the Arctic Cooler fan to a 3 pin header in my case to see if the fan on the cooler works which will confirm for sure that it is indeed dead or if it works that it is incompatible with the header on my 9600XT

  OU812 13:48 04 Apr 2004

Its seems I am not alone, check out this link

click here

Incidently I connected the fan to a 12V header on a Zalman multi-connector and it worked fine. Problem is clearly the connection to the fan header on the cards board or I suspect the fact that the fan isn't getting enough power to start.

As for whether its recoverable we shall see.

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