Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro install

  jay.p 23:42 01 Jul 2008

Have just bought this cooler for my quad core CPU.
Dumb question i know but which way round does it go?
Does the fan on the Arctic cooler go on the back next to the case fan or on the opposite side?
Not sure if it blows air across the cooler or draws it across it.
My PSU fan blows air out the case and the case fan doesn't seem to do much now (10rpms),so i'm not sure i've installed it right.
Only a small reduction in heat as well.

  I am Spartacus 00:13 02 Jul 2008

The fan should blow air through the heatsink and ideally be blowing to the exhaust fan/area on the rear of the case.

If you need to reseat it make sure the pushpins are correctly inserted as once they've been used the white plastic bottom of the pushpin clip can splay. I had to take the motherboard out of mine to be sure it was fitted correctly. You'll soon know if it isn't as the temperature will shoot up to over 70ÂșC in a very short space of time or the thermal control will shut the PC down.

I was never impressed with mine and quickly replaced it for one with a decent mounting system.

  I am Spartacus 00:18 02 Jul 2008

If you do reseat it it's a good idea to clean off the thermal paste and apply a fresh dab.

  Kemistri 00:18 02 Jul 2008

In the absence of any manual (which surprises me) or any advice on Arctic Cooling's website, I suggest that you look at the direction of the fan (easily figured out by looking at the profile of the blades) and match that to the rotation of your case fan. The curved profiles need to face the same direction. It is also fairly obviously a good idea to ensure that the speeds of fans mounted in serial match quite closely, otherwise the flow between the two will be compromised to a large extent, perhaps even to the point of inducing some stalling (of the air, not the fans).

  Kemistri 00:19 02 Jul 2008

I see that someone else posted while I was typing.

  jay.p 00:29 02 Jul 2008

Thanks for your quick and helpful replys.
Yes, from your answers i realize i have it the wrong way round.DER!
Shall rectify in the morning.
Many thanks.

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