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Arcnet Powerline Adapter. Data light not showing.

  Tycho 16:16 21 Aug 2018

Just acquired a pair of these. All plugged in as per instructions but no data light showing.

What's the next thing to try?

  Tycho 16:21 21 Aug 2018

A follow up thought:

I am using the yellow ended lead to connect to the BT home hub and a grey ended lead which was in the Arcnet box to connect to the laptop. Is there a chance that the grey ened cable is not the right one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:35 21 Aug 2018

Have you "paired" them? press the pairing button on both, press one button then within a couple of minutes press the button on the other unit.

  Tycho 17:36 22 Aug 2018

Thanks Fruitbat. I did that a couple of time yesterday without a result. I have just done it again and am waiting for the power lights to stop flashing which, I suppose, will mean that it has finished.

Here is some more information:

I left the Adapters powered up overnight but with the laptop shut down. When I looked this morning I noticed that all three lights were on on the adapter connected to the modem, but none (not even the power light) was on on the one connected to the shut down computer.

Back to the pairing test:

The power lights are no longer flashing so I suppose that it has done all it can to pair. Occasionally the Ethernet light flickers on both of the adapters but at this moment the data light is off on both of them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 22 Aug 2018

they need to be on the same circuit (ring main) - usually that is not a problem in a house however some older houses may have a different wiring arrangement.

Also hope you are not trying to use one in an extension cable as they often don't like that.

  Tycho 20:07 22 Aug 2018

Not using it on an extension but I have needed to space it back from the socket to clear the phone socket box. I will check which ring I am on. Old house. Might be a different one. If that's the case then there is nothing for it but to stick with WiFi which isn't too bad really (15Mb/s). The fiver spent on the adapters is more of an experiment than an expectation of usefulness.


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