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Archos XS Tablet Authentication Problem

  northumbria61 19:50 05 Feb 2013

A friend of mine has just purchased the Archos 10inch XS Tablet. Wi-Fi Networks are available and his BT connection is shown in the list on the tablet but won't connect. He keeps getting Authentication Problem. It should connect automatically. When he tries to add a network it won't accept his password which he knows is correct. Signal strength is showing Excellent with WPA/WPA2PSK security. Any ideas please?

  northumbria61 20:07 05 Feb 2013

Sorted for him. The tablet was asking for the password which he assumed was the same as for the Router but it was the Wireless Key that was required. Now connected.

  northumbria61 20:10 05 Feb 2013

SillBill - turned out to be easy in the end. It suddenly occurred to me what it may be but I should have had my thinking cap on earlier. There is one satisfied friend tonight.

  northumbria61 12:03 27 Feb 2013

isabel - is your Wi-Fi turned on in your settings App.? (Home page of your Archos) If so you should see your Router in that list. Also down in right bottom corner of screen you should have a "fan" like icon which shows the strength of your connection.

If you open Settings (on your home page) Wi-Fi shows at the top left of that list and your Router should be listed in the right side of that page. If it is touch on your Router and it will show you your Status, Signal Strength, Link Speed, Security and IP address.

The security WEP or WPA whichever you choose is setup in your Router.

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