Archos titanium 9 import pictures from PC

  gmpy1 11:49 19 Sep 2013

Hi All Please can someone help before I toss I in the bin!!!! All I want to do is import pictures from my PC Win 7 into my newly purchased Archos tablet running jellybean ???? just where do I start the manual is just ,To me, gobbledygook..I am getting on a bit, and a bit slow but I just do not know what to do must be possible..?? Thank for reading this George

  tullie 17:31 19 Sep 2013

Can you not plug the tablet into pc,then copy and paste into the appropriate folder on the tablet?

  siouxah1 20:15 19 Sep 2013

An alternative is to use a micro SDHC card. With a suitable card reader you can connect the card to your computer and transfer suitable file types to the card. Then plug the card into the tablet. The pictures will be available. I use this method with my 8" Titanium.

  gmpy1 13:44 20 Sep 2013

OK Thanks..... A:Can you not plug the tablet into pc,then copy and paste into the appropriate folder on the tablet.

Where and what is the APPROPRIATE Folder? I plugged in the tablet to USB but I just get a screen with a grey window Where do I go from here ? Sorry if I seem stupid George

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  rdave13 16:26 20 Sep 2013

Just tried it with a Sanionol whatsmecallit cheap tablet. Nothing happens when initially connected to pc and tablet switched on. Then I noticed on the tablet a little USB icon. Tapping on that then it asks to turn on USB storage. Having done that I find the tablet can be 'opened' in My Computer. I can the browse the folders in the tablet. Whether its the same with your Archos I don't know.

  gmpy1 16:01 22 Sep 2013

OK many thanks for your input, I have now got it sorted out ..what a tedious little beast any way I offer the following for any one interested:

Getting pictures onto ARCHOS tablet Connect the tablet to your PC On the Tablet:-tap the six little dots top right hand corner, (HOME PAGE) which brings up apps. Choose FILES > pictures.(network is Highlighted) OK Now go to your PC :- Ck > My computer Ck > Archos > Open > My Pictures > Highlight the pictures or picture you want > Rk > Copy Now Go back to your Archos Screen > Rk Paste. To view on the tablet tap Gallery switch between Camera and Gallery top right

You cannot copy from Picasa. so if you want the edit in Picasa you need to edit, then export to My Pictures giving them a new file name.

  rdave13 16:55 22 Sep 2013

At least your ARCHOS showed up in Computer, :)

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