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Archos Arnova 9G3 Tablet lockup

  davecooper 10:56 24 Apr 2013

Recently, my Arnova tablet started displaying various error messages. It has now locked up altogether. When I switch it on, I get the Arnova logo and that is as far as it gets. I can't even switch it off without using the reset pinhole.

I got this for Christmas but unfortunately the person who bought it for me has lost the receipt. Both Archos and Maplin (where it was bought) will not touch it under the guarantee without a receipt.

It seems my only options are to pay for any repair (if there is one) or sort it out myself if possible. Any advice would be welcome.

  wee eddie 11:09 24 Apr 2013

If a Card, or Cheque, was used to buy it. Then it should be possible to re-issue the purchase receipt.

  spuds 11:32 24 Apr 2013

Agree with the above suggestion, you don't need the original receipt if you can produce 'proof of purchase'. But having said that, there might be a few complications due to the item being a gift from someone else?.

Have you tried something like a Google search, to see if there are any other people with similar problems, and possible solutions?.

  davecooper 11:48 24 Apr 2013

Google genearally hasn't been much help, however, there is an Archos help forum I have just found so I will have a look on this.

  spuds 12:03 24 Apr 2013

I notice that PC Advisor did a review on this model

Perhaps the reviewer Martin Casserly or one of the PCA production team, might have an answer?.

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