APU A8 5500 Bottlenecking

  zingy12 07:09 08 Aug 2013

Hey guys I was wondering if an APU A8 5500 would bottleneck a Radeon 7770 or a 7850. Anyway I need help asap because I'm going to be ordering my graphics card soon.


  Chronos the 2nd 11:21 08 Aug 2013

It will usually be game dependant as to whether the CPU will be used more than the GPU so to speak. There won't be that much of a bottleneck but the CPU will be the limiting factor when maxing out on games, but not so much that will cause your head to explode tbh, games will still enjoy having the extra grunt.

Have you considered whether your power supply (PSU) will be sufficient?

  zingy12 17:29 08 Aug 2013

MY Psu should be good its a 500W OCZ StealthXtreme

  Chronos the 2nd 18:05 08 Aug 2013

Yep that's fine.

  zingy12 00:27 09 Aug 2013

Ok I really need help I connected the 7770 to my computer and the fan starts spinning but I get no display

  Chronos the 2nd 04:26 09 Aug 2013

Can you provide details of your motherboard? How are you connecting your monitor to the GPU, which connection are you using?

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