April Fool

  Nellie2 12:49 01 Apr 2004

I hope FE doesn't mind me posting a bit of light relief here... please delete or lock if it isn't appropriate.. I'm having a quiet lunch hour!!

#40: Internet Spring Cleaning
In 1997 an email message spread throughout the world announcing that the internet would be shut down for cleaning for twenty-four hours from March 31 until April 2. This cleaning was said to be necessary to clear out the "electronic flotsam and jetsam" that had accumulated in the network. Dead email and inactive ftp, www, and gopher sites would be purged. The cleaning would be done by "five very powerful Japanese-built multi-lingual Internet-crawling robots (Toshiba ML-2274) situated around the world." During this period, users were warned to disconnect all devices from the internet. The message supposedly originated from the "Interconnected Network Maintenance Staff, Main Branch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology." This joke was an updated version of an old joke that used to be told about the phone system. For many years, gullible phone customers had been warned that the phone systems would be cleaned on April Fool's Day. They were cautioned to place plastic bags over the ends of the phone to catch the dust that might be blown out of the phone lines during this period.
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  March Hare 12:54 01 Apr 2004

Good one Nellie! :o))

  Stuartli 13:58 01 Apr 2004

The Daily Mail has several, including a full page BMW advert and the Queen and dogs popping down to the local Windsor betting shop for a Grand Naitonal bet....:-)

  TBH1 14:21 01 Apr 2004

you mean that thingy about cleaning phones wasn't true ????

  pj123 14:30 01 Apr 2004

Yes, I remember one when I worked for a worldwide communications company, when Telex (remember) was the main system. "You should shut down and disconnect your telex machine as water has got into the undersea cables which could cause flooding in your office". It must have worked because the amount of phone calls asking when they could switch their telex machines back on was amazing.

  pj123 14:32 01 Apr 2004

Another one was, "Can you press your keys a bit harder because it is coming out faint this end".

  jbaker65 15:30 01 Apr 2004

I don't believe this for one moment. Not on your Nellie!

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