Appraisal for my site

  wiz33 10:26 25 Apr 2005

Can you please review my site and let me know your comments?

click here

If you wish to test the Enquiry Form please remember to write TEST in the notes.
The side is live and the hotel will receive your message but they are aware of the TESTS.

Don't forget to use your correct e-mail so to get the AUTOREPLY from the site.

Thank you

PS: Small problem with javascript on the Enquiry Form but will be fixed today.

  LeadingMNMs 18:11 25 Apr 2005

Seems to be a nice clean layout, I didn't read the content, so I can't comment about what your actually saying.

Noticed two things though - your Javascript that prevents people saving your images only works in IE, it didn't work in Firefox, Opera, Netscape or Mozzila.

Also, you've set the width of the page to be 800px, which makes it too big for anyone using a 800 x 600 display because of the area the browser cuts off. Not sure if you've done this on purpose or not.

  LeadingMNMs 18:14 25 Apr 2005

Oh, and the animation at the bottom right on the homepage seems a little pointless - it doesn't seem to tell you anything. And it seems to have been cropped vertically too much, with the part of the text missing on both sides.

  LeadingMNMs 18:16 25 Apr 2005

Me again, just checked the site in IE again and the animation fits properly, so its an issue with Firefox rather than your image.

  wiz33 19:01 25 Apr 2005

All your comments noted and please continue, as I know at the end my site, after corrections will look ok.

I rather you are brutal and tell me all my mistakes.

Regarding the size of the photos I have tried to keep them small, and when tested on 56KB modem it was loading in less than 5 seconds, which I think is not bad going.....

In an earlier apraisal people told me that 95% of people use IE so I have to live with this problem on other browsers as I have not the time or the money to employ somebody to do it for me.

Thanks for your comments, sofar, keep going.

A big thank you to purplepenny who fixed my CSS Navigation before.

  Forum Editor 19:19 25 Apr 2005

I've seen it before haven't I?

It does exactly what a travel site should - it informs - and if I ever want to go to Ukraine I'll be in touch. You're to be congratulated on the scope of your content, I know what hard work it is to get that kind of information together.

If I'm being picky (and you did ask, after all) I would say that you need to work on some of those images - a few of them are a little scrappy in terms of resolution. I appreciate your concerns about loading times, but bear in mind that an increasingly large section of your audience will have broadband connections - the one thing I expect from a travel site is high-quality images.

All in all you have a very good site there - well done.

  wiz33 19:42 25 Apr 2005

Yes it is a hard job collecting al thenecessary info and unfortunatelly the Ukrainians don't help with the photos of properties etc......

So Next Sunday I am going again to take photos on my own and I hope I will replace all the bad quality ones.....

I heard that 5.000.000 people have Broadband so from now on I wouln't bother to reduce the size to around 50 KB its better around 100 kB

Yes the people over here have been great, including you, and I am happy with the results so far.....and the traffic is getting better daily and I have taken a few bookings too!

I think by the end of the year it will start paying off all my hard work....and I will be making money, with very little effort....wjich is my aim.

No overheads now!

Thank you

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