Applications open twice & freeze

  fruityfj 12:50 13 Nov 2003

After recently installing Outlook2003 it worked well (& I recommend it – it’s a real upgrade, not like some of the other MS apps) & works well on the laptop. On the main PC though, it’s started opening, gets about halfway then another Outlook window opens, both freeze & can only kill via Task Manager. There are 2 X OUTLOOK.EXE in Win Task Man. (Killing one kills both). As occasionally some other apps (non-MS ones) appear to do the same, maybe Windows problem, rather than Outlook itself? I’m running Win XP Pro SP1. I did do a routine Windows update recently.

  xania 13:19 13 Nov 2003

From my experience, having two version of outlook open at the same time is NOT a problem, but yours could be. It may be that you are double clicking the icon when a single click will be adequate. You may need to be patient while the first click reacts and Outlook opens.

Just a thought.

  VoG II 13:29 13 Nov 2003

I also have Outlook 2003 and very nice it is too!

I put a shortcut in my Startup folder and it worked fine. I have mine set to hide when minimised - i.e. you just see an icon in the notification area. Right clicking the icon brings up a meny including "Open Outlook". A few days ago I noticed that there were 2 "Open Outlook"s on this context menu. Each instance could be opened and closed separately (i.e. closing one left the other open).

I removed the shortcut from the Startup folder, rebooted and started Outlook. Only one instance.

Put shortcut back, rebooted and lo and behold, only one instance of Outlook. It has behaved itself ever since and I have not changed any settings other than doing as described above.

I'm not sure that this will help you however.

  fruityfj 13:46 13 Nov 2003

Xania - no, have made sure of that. Wish it was that simple!

VoG - have tried that, although didn't have it in start up folder, did have several short cuts. Deleted all except the one in the Start window. Same thing - double opening & freeze.
Will keep trying. System Restore won't restore for some reason.

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