Applications for Linpus Linux

  longbelly 17:52 29 Oct 2008

I am thinking of buying a netbook running on Linpus Linux Lite, but am not sure - apart from what comes with the netbook - what applications are available for Linpus. And how easy would they be to install?

  Rahere 18:04 29 Oct 2008

There are a few different flavours of Linux. You might find there's a limited selection for this one but you might try their website - hopefully they have more details there.

click here

a few spelling mistakes there and little detail so far.

Out of interest why did you choose Linpus?

  Rahere 18:08 29 Oct 2008

Forgive me but what a horrible website that is - not sure I'd trust their abilities based on that!

  realist 19:08 29 Oct 2008

I recently bought an Asus Linux netbook and there is a popular support forum click here which you may find helpful for answers on Linux.

Amazon UK currently have the 701 netbook for £152 inc shipping click here

  longbelly 19:28 29 Oct 2008

I favour Linux partly because it keeps the cost down and also because I want to get away from Windows. Linpus because that's what Acer Aspire One uses and has good reviews. Asus Linux is also an option though. I will use it in connection with my Windows Vista PC and will transfer data via USB stick. I assume USB memory sticks can be used with Linux so I will have no problem in that direction??

  octal 19:39 29 Oct 2008

"I assume USB memory sticks can be used with Linux so I will have no problem in that direction??"

No problem at all, just plug it in and it will ask what you want to open it with and that's it.

  Rahere 10:57 30 Oct 2008

I use linux too, no problems with a flash drive at all.

Writing this on a linux OS now in fact. Hopefully the customised versions of linux on the asus models offer longer battery life. I find ubuntu 8.04 on my ancient IBM thinkpad R31 fine but I suspect it drains the battery more quickly than ibm installed windows xp - I did have it dual booting for a while but ran out of disk space space fast!

Just for interest I have ubuntu 8.04 installed - and the whole drive is encrypted, an option available on the alternative install CD which I had to use anyway due to low RAM installed in this unit.

  longbelly 17:27 30 Oct 2008

Many thanks for all yo0ur advice.

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